An Injury to One Is An Injury to All

A couple of presidential elections ago one of the political websites had an interesting presentation. As a visitor to the site you could take a short quiz about your own political convictions, then the website would pair you with the candidate who best matched your own views. (This was early in the primary, so there were several to choose from.)

“Go ahead,” the site said, “try it. You might be surprised.” I did. And I was. Very.

According to the answers I gave, the candidate whose views most nearly matched mine was Dennis Kucinich, a man I had never given any serious consideration to because he is presented in the media as a kook.

This made me realize what a powerful weapon ridicule is in the hands of manipulators. It also made me wonder what else I may be dismissing out-of-hand because propagandists have used ridicule to discredit it.

So I started exploring with more of an open mind. And I began to make some discoveries. Here is one (and I’ll present it to you as a set of questions).

Would you be interested in joining a group that:

  • Teaches that whoever holds economic power also holds political power;
  • Has as a motto “An injury to one is an injury to all”;
  • Welcomes all races and religions, and includes women and gays as members – and always has;
  • Fights for free speech;
  • Practices grassroots democracy (self-management);
  • Has always opposed militarism and condemns all wars;
  • Is famous for its love of music and songwriting; and
  • Counts among its more famous members Helen Keller, Gary Snyder, Dorothy Day, and Noam Chomsky?

If so (and if you are not an employer) you may be a Wobbly at heart. Yes, that is a description of several key position points of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). You can find out more about them at Wikipedia or at their own site.  And dues are only $9 a month!


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